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If you require further information regarding our services please get in touch with our helpful team. Our knowledgeable and experienced advisors will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain our services in detail.

We are dedicated to keeping operational downtime to an absolute minimum. We know that the impact of having equipment 'out-of-service' for extended periods is unacceptable. We strive to provide speedy service to all of our clients.

Services Offered
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Cooling Tower Services

We are specialists in cooling tower and evaporative equipment systems. We provide maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and replacement services for all makes and models. Our highly trained and experienced engineers provide thorough inspections, advice and detailed reports on the condition of any cooling tower or associated equipment.

Cooling Tower Upgrades
We provide all manner of upgrades to cooling towers including high-performance drift eliminators, fill packs, performance upgrades, recovery fan stacks and air-inlet honeycomb panels. We also supply non-skid fibreglass fan decks for industrial cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Repairs / Maintenance
Our servicing and repairs of cooling towers include comprehensive service plans for mechanical components, replacement parts for ANY cooling tower, fan balancing and gearbox repairs, flow control valves, filters and hot water distribution systems.

Performance & Service Contracts
Cooling tower thermal performance testing to current standards, consulting, inspection, full engineering surveys and reports, extended warranty programmes, risk assessments and evaluations.

Cooling Tower Engineers in London
Nationwide Cooling Tower Services

Cooling Tower Compliances

  • ACoP L8 compliant upgrading for any make or type of tower.
  • ACoP L8 compliance for existing cooling towers.
  • Service plans for optimal performance and ACoP L8 compliance.
  • Access platforms and safety ladders for HSE compliance to current standards.

We provide thorough inspection and cleaning services for all types of cooling towers. Structural repairs are also undertaken and completed to a high standard.

Water Hygiene Services

Water is used in a variety of ways in today's factories, offices, accommodation and leisure facilities. Each instance should be risk assessed as advocated by the Health and Safety Executive.

Water Tank Cleaning / Disinfection
KEM provides scheduled and 'one-off' water tank cleaning and disinfection services nationwide. Our tank cleans are carried out to a very high standard and will help to prevent unwanted pathogens.

Storage Tank Repairs & Replacements
Our engineers are competent at repairing damaged or corroded water storage tanks, associated pipework and end points. Spare parts are available for most water storage tanks.

In addition to repairs, KEM can install new / replacement tanks of all types including Concrete Water Tanks, GRP Water Tanks (Flat & Sectional), Galvanised Steel Water Tanks (Flat & Sectional) and Hotwell Water Tanks.

All tank repairs and replacements are of a very high standard. Our engineers will ensure the finished product meets all legislative compliance requirements.

Water Hygiene Services in London
Water Hygiene Compliance

Biocide Programmes
KEM provides novel biocide programmes including Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Metal Ionisation and UV filtration.

KEM will assess the current water system and note areas of non-compliance (e.g. scale, corrosion or foreign bodies). The water will be tested for pathogens.

Subject to findings, our consultant will prepare a report with any recommended remedial works. A quotation will be provided to bring the system into a compliant state.

Water Treatment Services

KEM provides comprehensive water treatment services throughout the United Kingdom. All work is carried out in accordance with current legislation and following guidelines from relevant regulatory and advisory bodies. These services include:

Boiler Water Treatment
With clients ranging from the power generation sector, the food industry and plant nurseries, we understand that steam-generating boilers require a 'complete system' approach to ensure successful, problem-free operation.

Closed System Water Treatment
We provide regular analytical services during which we monitor the waterside conditions. Our extensive range of treatments takes into account system metallurgy, make-up water and operational conditions.

Cooling Water Treatment
We provide a comprehensive cooling water treatment programme which encompasses all aspects of the client's process. The benefits include maintaining cooling efficiency and therefore minimise energy wastage, providing compliance with current Health and Safety requirements, having minimum impact on the environment and extending plant life / reducing maintenance.

Effluent Water Treatment
At KEM we meet with our clients to identify the complex requirements of their processes to minimise effluent, and then design a programme to enable our clients to conform to discharge limits and improve quality for reuse of water. We have complete effluent water treatment programmes.

Water Treatment Services in London
Comprehensive Water Treatments

Water Pre-Treatment
The rising cost of water is forcing users to source water from various locations that are variable in quality. We can help design systems to remove all unwanted components in your water source.

Typical pre-treatment plant can include filtration, activated carbon filtration, softeners, reverse osmosis, demineralisation, UV filters, break tanks and booster pump sets.

Our commercial team will design a contract that satisfies your financial needs and ensures strict compliance.

Repair and servicing works can be provided to existing pre-treatment installations and spare parts are available for most systems.

Air Quality Monitoring

We offer a range of air analysis and assessment services that can be used to confirm that the air quality is being maintained at an acceptable hygienic and physical standard. Additionally, we ensure that the building complies with current legislation and guidelines (CIBSE Guide TM26, HVCA TR19, HSG 132, CIBSE Guide A and HTM03.01).

Our highly trained and experienced personnel are able to advise on a wide variety of services and installations that will address and resolve most air quality issues.

Services Include

  • Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort Assessment
  • Air Hygiene (Air Conveyance and Ventilation Systems) Survey
  • Air Ductwork Inspection & Cleaning
  • Clean Room Survey and Monitoring
  • Consultancy and Advisory Service
  • Bespoke Complaint Investigations

Surveys Include

  • Visual, hygienic, operational and functional inspection of the air supply plant
  • Visual and hygienic inspection of available ductwork as appropriate
  • Assessment of the occupied air space (see below)
Air Quality Monitoring in London
Air Quality Services

Assessments of the Occupied Air Space
Inspections identify critical environmental issues within the workplace, which can increase productivity, reduce sickness and absenteeism (so-called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’). Findings include Temperature Analysis, Relative Humidity (RH), Carbon Dioxide, Airborne Particles, (Respirable and Non-Respirable Dust), Airborne Bacteria/Fungi, and visual inspection of the occupied workspace reviewing all aspects of air quality including capability and limitation.

Carbon Dioxide
Unusually high carbon dioxide levels may cause drowsiness and headaches and reduced productivity of occupants.

Bacteria / Moulds
The primary hazard of mould in indoor air quality is the triggering of asthmatic attacks in susceptible persons. The monitoring of humidity levels will inhibit the likelihood of mould growth.

Booster Sets & Pressurisation Vessels

All equipment and installations are custom designed to cause minimal disruption to the existing services at the time of installation and commissioning. Our installation services include the following:

  • Commercial, domestic and industrial water booster pump sets
  • Low / medium temperature system pressurisation units
  • Major brands of booster sets, circulating pumps, pressurisation units and RPZ valves

Our engineers have full training and an extensive experience in all aspects of pressurisation / water booster systems and for the examination of pressure systems.

Booster Set Servicing
Remedial works to bring back to reliable condition can be quoted and, following acceptance, works can be undertaken.

This is underwritten by a competent person (Mechanical Engineer with relevant experience and qualified to Incorporated status) in accordance with The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR).

LTHW - MTHW Sealed System Pressurisation Sets
Designed, specified and replaced. System sizing addressed to maintain initial 'cold-fill' and limit the final working pressure as required. All safety devices (safety valves, bursting discs and pressure limiting devices) maintained/replaced as required to meet regulatory requirements.

Workshop Services
In-house turning, milling and welding, pump repairs, pipework manufacture, overhauls and components manufactured as required.

Water booster sets in London

System Surveys
Our system surveys identify the actual requirements (pressure and flow). Replacement sized to required duty with justification and documentary evidence of potential savings in running costs. Turnkey operations planned to give minimal disruption to service. Temporary equipment supplied FOC for the duration of works as required.

Condition Surveys
Condition surveys at cost with full refund pending replacement of specified equipment. Energy consumption surveys to allow the correct sizing of existing equipment.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments
The Risk Assessment forms the basis of a control scheme which is implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. The control scheme will vary in complexity from site to site but our extensive services include:

    • Risk assessment log books
    • Microbiological analysis of samples to UKAS accredited standards
    • Temperature profiling
    • System cleaning and disinfection
    • Remedial works to WRAS approved standards

Legionella & Legionnaires' Disease
Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. It takes its name from the first known outbreak at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia in 1976. Infection is caused by inhaling small droplets of water contaminated by the bacteria, from sources such as showers, whirlpool baths and cooling towers. People over the age of 45 are more susceptible to infection, as well as smokers and people whose immune system is impaired.

Initial symptoms are similar to those of flu, including headache, high fever and vomiting, followed by more severe symptoms which can include breathing difficulties and hallucination. Legionnaires’ disease is most often treated with antibiotic drugs and recovery often takes several weeks.

Legionella Risk Assessments in London
Illustration of Legionella Bacteria

Legionella Prevention
Legionella bacteria may grow in water systems such as cooling towers and hot and cold water services. They survive low temperatures and thrive at temperatures between 20°C-45°C, especially where there is scale, corrosion and other bacteria. A risk assessment should be carried out to identify any sources of risk.

KEM will visit your premises to carry out an assessment of your water services, identify any problems, put in place control measures including temperature monitoring and hygiene checks, modify any systems which are at high risk from legionella contamination, take water samples for testing, and treat any existing bacteria.

We follow the strict guidelines laid out in HSE ACoP L8 for legionella prevention in the United Kingdom.